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Is ‘Consultation’ a failed concept?

Aboriginal Energy Forum, Toronto, December 2013

Kenning Marchant, D.Jur.
The Marchant Practice Legal Update

Is “Consultation” a failed concept?

Further economic factors

Mining IBAs - NRCan

Energy East Pipeline

Line 9 Pipeline

Alternative to Consultation: Participation

3 levels of Economic Participation

  1. Procurement allocations
    • Employment
    • Goods and services from aboriginal businesses
  2. Ownership allocations
    • Revenue streams
    • Decision-making
  3. Opportunity allocations
    • Ownership and control of resource development
    • Ownership and control of infrastructure
      • Transportation corridors
      • Utility corridors

2 Participation Success Stories

Lac La Ronge Indian Band

James Bay Cree

Participation: 1. Procurement allocations

Participation: 2. Ownership allocations

Participation: 3. Opportunity allocations

What if a First Nations group had control of this corridor?

Caveat: Economic Participation

Stakeholder relations and company value

Is Consultation a failed concept?

First Nations



All parties

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